What is UndiscoveredWanderings?

UndiscoveredWanderings is your online travel guide to unconventional destinations. Why go to the usual tourist spots when there’s so much off the beaten path to see? Make the most of your travels and have your friends want to watch your vacation slideshows!

UWanderings also provides flexible, affordable advertising packages. We work with tourism-based businesses, chambers of commerce, and tourism bureaus to craft custom advertisements and travel marketing plans designed to engage family tourists, curious explorers, and adventure seekers alike.

We see the writing on the wall: people want more exotic places to visit these days, including the experience of actually getting there. We’re here to help get the word out about your business or place of interest. Although we don’t provide travel planning services ourselves, we do have affiliate partnerships with companies that do. You can learn more about that on our “Plan Your Trip” page.

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A Little More About Us

A Changing Trend

Where will you go? Where can we take you? Maybe it’s a park in the middle of nowhere that has some cool history to it, or perhaps a house built into a giant boulder, or a restaurant with aliens (we actually found one). New and experienced travelers alike are looking for completely fresh ideas for destinations in our ever-changing, fast-paced society. Life’s too short to not go somewhere crazy for a change. We’re happy to offer suggestions through our guide, but how you get there is entirely your adventure. UWanderings also features posts from you—the reader—which you can upload to our website through our Share Your Adventures page.

It’s All in the Name

We knew we wanted the word “undiscovered” in our name when we first got started in 2016. It’s part of who we are–seeking out all those undiscovered places. Undiscovered to us and the masses, at least. We went through a few test runs until we found “wanderings” to match. Perfect! Because much of what we do and encourage is simply that. Wandering. Wandering leads to exploring, and exploring leads to adventure.

Whether you’re a professional travel blogger or taking the family on summer vacation, you’d be amazed at the things, people, and places you might find when you have no real plan. It’s fun to just see what happens when you venture out, but having a guide like us to help you never hurts either. That’s what we’re here for.

And speaking of names, we also go by UWanderings” for short. In fact, uwanderings.com will bring you right back here 🙂 

How It All Works

Not a Travel Agency, Not a Blog

Undiscoveredwanderings.com is a growing community that provides free travel consulting to readers looking for unconventional, offbeat travel ideas. But we don’t offer travel planning services, although as an affiliate partner of companies that do, you can get some ideas on our “Plan Your Trip” page. Aside from sharing stories from the traveling public, UWanderings also puts together its own mainline articles and write-ups on a regular basis. We are well traveled, with our own stories and expertise to share. It is our goal to piece everyone’s experiences together to create a diverse, ever-growing online resource for unique travel destinations around the world. But we have to give each place featured our seal of approval. UndiscoveredWanderings doesn’t feature any site without having been there ourselves or at least heavily vetting user-uploaded or client content.

Why Choose UndiscoveredWanderings? Because You’ll be Right There With Us!

We take great pride in providing our readers with high-quality photos, videos, and storytelling. There’s always a story to the places we go. You’ll notice there’s a personality to our writing as well, which makes us more than just a travel directory. Our writers take pride in their work. Many of our posts are short and to the point, so it’s easy for you to decide where you want to go when you’re limited on time. When you’re reading one of our posts, we want you to feel like you’re already there, which is also why a number of our videos are shot in point-of-view mode. Just another way to enhance your experience…see for yourself below.

Right there with us in the front seat. Hot August Nights, Reno, NV. August 2016

Always on the Positive Side

UndiscoveredWanderings will never criticize, denounce, marginalize, or trash anyone or any place. We are a travel guide, not a review platform. We pick places that we feel best match the public’s thirst for adventurous and unconventional travel, so you’ll never see any negativity here. Places that don’t live up to our expectations won’t be featured. Simple as that.

Did we mention we pride ourselves on rich content like this picture of Northern California’s coastline that we took? We did? Good. Most of our posts have a map icon immediately below the article’s subtitle, which, when clicked, will expand a map showing where the featured place is. At the end of each article, a link to a more official website for the featured place, if available, can provide you with detailed information you might need for your visit. To find out what’s in your neck of the woods, simply select the country, state, or city in the search dropdown menu at the top of the main (left) sidebar to see what UWanderings has documented, or just browse randomly using the search feature or the tags at the bottom of the sidebar. We’re not everywhere yet, but we’re working on it. That’s half the fun, after all.

Get Your Business or Region Featured

Do you own a travel or tourism-based business? Do you run a chamber of commerce? If you’d like to be featured on undiscoveredwanderings.com and its related entities as a place of interest on our main content section, give us a shout. Being featured is free for you as long as we’re in the area and can easily visit (we’re often on the road). This service is part of our Tier 1 marketing package, which is separate from our more specific travel marketing and advertising services. To learn more about what we can do for you and different services offered, please visit our Advertising & Partnerships page.

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