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For specific questions, please reach out directly through the Contact page.  To learn more about UndiscoveredWanderings, see our About page. Please also read UW’s Terms and Conditions.

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Q: Is undiscoveredwanderings.com a blog?

A: We go out of our way to not label ourselves a blog. Although UndiscoveredWanderings started as a travel blog, and it resembles a blog in some ways, it has evolved into an online travel guide and resource for anyone looking for interesting places to see in different parts of the world.

Q: Is undiscoveredwanderings.com a travel agency website?

A: Undiscoveredwanderings.com is a travel consulting site only, not a travel agency. We pride ourselves on giving readers suggestions for offbeat and unconventional travel destinations, as well as basic information about the places we feature and how to visit. Ultimately, it is readers’ responsibility to make their own travel arrangements and ensure the places they visit are open to the public and accepting visitors at the time of their trips.

Q: The Name: Is it Undiscovered Wanderings or UndiscoveredWanderings?

A: Legally, it’s Undiscovered Wanderings (one space), but for marketing and day-to-day purposes, it’s UndiscoveredWanderings (no space). It just looks better that way :-). We also go by “UWanderings” for short (which is also our Twitter handle), and “UW” informally.

Q: Does UW sell merchandise?

A: Not at the moment, but we’ve got some ideas brewing…

Q: What’s the easiest way to use this site?

A: The Search by Country, State, or City dropdown menu on the main sidebar provides an easy way to see what UW has documented so far in different parts of the world. You can also browse randomly, search for specific things using the search bar (far right in the top menu, next to the Become a Sponsor link, or use the Archive dropdown menu (located on the main, left sidebar). UWanderings hasn’t covered every single place yet, but we’ll get there!

Q: Is UndiscoveredWanderings free?

A: Accessing and using undiscoveredwanderings.com is free. It is also free to be featured as a place of interest in our main content section if we’re in the area (we’re on the road a lot) and your establishment meets certain criteria. We also offer marketing and advertising services for businesses in the travel and tourism industries, municipalities, chambers of commerce, and tourism bureaus. These services are available at flexible and–most importantly–affordable pricing. We don’t use the one-size-fits-all approach; we believe in working with you, our clients, to make sure all of your needs are met and that you have a great experience working with us. You can learn more about our services on our Advertising & Partnerships page.

Q: How often is undiscoveredwanderings.com updated?

A:  We encourage you to check back regularly–at least once a week. The best way to stay informed is to subscribe to our newsletter and follow and like us on Facebook, Twitter (@UWanderings), YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn. We’re always adding new content.

General Questions || Being Featured on UWanderings & Services Offered || Sponsorships || Contributing Editors & Guest Posts 


The following questions refer to our free, Tier 1 service only. These questions do not apply to UndiscoveredWanderings’s fee-based marketing and advertising packages that we offer to clients. Since UW’s Tier 1 service is offered at no charge, we typically visit and feature places of interest if we are in the area (when we’re on the road), so we tend to be a little picky about how best to use our time and resources. For more information on our marketing and advertising services, please visit our services page.

Q: Can anyone or place be featured on undiscoveredwanderings.com?

A: UW’s Editor and Contributing Editors will decide if a place or business fits with our mission to provide readers with ideas for unconventional travel destinations, and determine if it’s appropriate for this site. Not being featured is not a reflection on you; it just may not be a good fit for UW and what we think our readers are looking for.

Q: How can a place fit UW’s criteria for being featured?  What constitutes “unconventional” or “offbeat” travel?

A: To be honest, there’s no magic formula UW uses to figure this out. Every potential featured place is evaluated on an individual basis. It could be anything–parks, hotels, small or large businesses, random roadside attractions or events. We realize that what may seem unusual to us may be normal to others, so please remember that, like anything else, UndiscoveredWanderings’ judgment on this topic is subjective. But we strive to make undiscoveredwanderings.com as unique as possible, so we always welcome feedback from readers.

Q: How can I get my business or suggested place of interest featured on undiscoveredwanderings.com?

A: Typically, we find you! Someone from UW will contact you about a possible visit. Sometimes we’re on the road specifically looking for certain types of places, so we may just show up during normal business hours if your place is open to the public. To the best of our knowledge, featured places on undiscoveredwanderings.com still exist and welcome visitors, but it is readers’ responsibility to confirm for themselves before traveling there. We’re always looking for new places to explore. As this site grows, we look forward to taking requests from readers and fans alike. Simply reach out to us through our contact page and we’ll see what we can do.

Q: Can I decline to be featured if UW contacts me?

A: Of course! We won’t be offended and we respect your right to privacy. If you’d like, we will never contact you again. But if you change your mind down the road, you can always reach out to us.

Q: What if I want a post taken down?

A: If the content of the post is directly related to you, your business, or place of interest, we’ll remove the post or edit it to your wishes. Either way, we don’t want to offend or cause harm, so we’ll work with you. If you are a site visitor who has no personal ties to the material in a post, but are offended by it in some way, UW will evaluate the appropriate response on a case-by-case basis.

Q: As someone who is featured on the site, will I be compensated?

A: UndiscoveredWanderings does not pay nor compensate in any way people, places, businesses, or other entities that are featured on undiscoveredwanderings.com. UW is here to provide a forum for travelers to see what’s out there. Please note that UndiscoveredWanderings reserves the right to take down any post at its own discretion, without notice.

Q: If my business or place of interest is featured on UndiscoveredWanderings, will I get more visitors?

A: Please note that UndiscoveredWanderings nor undiscoveredwanderings.com does not provide any kind of guarantee that being featured on this site will result in increased business or foot traffic for you, your business, or place of interest. UW is here to provide a resource for travelers and potential visitors. We make no guarantees that anyone will visit you after seeing a post on undiscoveredwanderings.com. What readers do is up to them. For more information, see our Terms of Use.

Q: Can I repost an UndiscoveredWanderings post or article on my own site?

A: Not without written permission from UndiscoveredWanderings. However, you may repost, share, or retweet material found on our social media sites. You may not reproduce any content on undiscoveredwanderings.com or UndiscoveredWanderings’s logo without written permission. For more information, see our Terms of Use.

General Questions || Being Featured on UWanderings & Services Offered || Sponsorships || Contributing Editors & Guest Posts 


Q: What is the UndiscoveredWanderings’s sponsorship program?

A: We’re a growing company and welcome the opportunity to feature sponsors’s messages and content in exchange for financial support. Plus we feel this program helps give back to the business community. There are different sponsorship packages available; check out our sponsorship page for more.

Q: I want to purchase a sponsorship…does my company have to be in the travel industry to do this?

A: Not at all. We welcome companies from all over the globe and from many industries. There’s no magic formula we use to determine approval of your sponsorship, but your company or organization’s values, mission, and reputation are strong indicators for us.

General Questions || Being Featured on UWanderings & Services Offered || Sponsorships || Contributing Editors & Guest Posts 


Q: Who are UndiscoveredWanderings’s Contributing Editors?

A: Undiscoveredwanderings.com is an online community that provides free travel consulting to readers looking for unconventional travel ideas and destinations. Contributing Editors are actual UW staff who function as well-traveled individuals with their own stories and expertise to share. Between the Editor and Contributing Editors, it is UW’s goal to piece everyone’s experiences together to create a diverse, ever-growing online resource for alternative travel destinations around the world.

Q: How can I become a UW Contributing Editor?

A: At the moment, it’s invitation only. However, UndiscoveredWanderings also welcomes travel stories from you–the reading public– as Guest Posters, sometimes informally known as Wantributors (wanderer + contributor. Ha! :-). It’s free and it gets you published under your own name. Learn more at our Share Your Travels page. 

Q: If I share a story as a Guest Poster, can I send UWanderings stock photos instead of my own?

A: No. We prefer original photos. Although there may be special circumstances where stock photos or photos under a Creative Commons Zero license could be used, we like to keep the originality of each post intact. We only use stock photos for some of our generic stuff, like a lot of companies. We want our readers to see photos from you, the travelers! Even if you’re not a professional photographer, that’s OK–we want to see what you’ve seen. Learn more at our Share Your Travels page. 

Q: Are readers allowed to comment on posts?

A: At the moment, comments are pretty much closed due to ongoing issues with spamming and trolling. We may open up comments again in the near future. When commenting is allowed, there are strict rules that we ask our readers to abide by. All comments must be clean of profanity and share positive experiences about a featured place. No trolling with UW or other users, and ALL comments are moderated and approved before publishing. UW does not support negative comments on its site, as this is not an open-forum travel review site. Remember, undiscoveredwanderings.com is a guide that provides suggestions–at the discretion of the Editor–for places to visit. If a place is really that bad or isn’t up to our standards, it won’t be featured to begin with. We’re not here to bash, hate, or troll.

Q: Will UndiscoveredWanderings compensate me if I post a comment or my own travel story/content to undiscoveredwanderings.com?

A: If you choose to comment or submit your own material for publication, regardless of whether it is approved by UW or not, you will not be compensated financially or in any other way. But you’ll receive credit under either your real name or a username, whichever you choose when you fill out the submission form. Once you submit your story, it will be reviewed to make sure it complies with our standards. We may contact you to ask for additional details about your trip or to clarify any questions we might have.

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