Mark Agnello (Wanderin’ Mark)
Founder & Editor

Mark’s been traveling since an early age. At seven, he lived and went to school in South America for a while. Good times. Since then, he’s visited over 20 countries across four continents and nearly 40 U.S. states. Just how did Mark come to create UndiscoveredWanderings? Well…it all just kind of happened. With an MPA and a nifty communications management and public/government relations background, it seemed like a good fusion of his skills: Writing + Marketing + Travel = what you see here. Did we mention that he likes to travel? Mark created UndiscoveredWanderings to share with you–the reader, traveler, the wanderer–his take on the more interesting and unconventional places and oddities that are far and near. There’s a whole world out there to explore, so embrace the unknown. Dare to wander.

Contributing Editors

UWanderings also relies on a small number of Contributing Editors that periodically send their travel stories our way and also help us find new and exciting places to document. These are seasons travel professionals who scout out places that are really off the beaten path. 

Guest Posters (that’s you!)

We actively welcome our readers, travel bloggers, and, well, anyone to share their adventures with UndiscoveredWanderings. It’s super easy to become a Guest Poster, informally known as Wantributors (Wanderer + Contributor = Wantributor…pretty cool, huh?) This is your chance to be published! It’s easy and fun–-you can learn more about it here.