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We offer FREE consultations for advertising and travel marketing plans. 

UndiscoveredWanderings works with travel and tourism-related businesses, chambers of commerce, tourism bureaus, and other specialized entities to promote a region’s tourism industry. We’ll work with you, for you to customize a marketing solution that fits your needs.

We’ll help you get the right exposure to the right audience. Looking to reach out to the typical family tourists? Great! We’ll craft our marketing strategies towards them. Looking for more adventure seekers to visit you? We’ll help you out! Our knack for rich writing and feel-like-you’re-there pics and videos knows no bounds. And the best part is, we’ll do it within your budget. We work with a lot of small businesses and chambers of commerce, offering customized, affordable packages for you. Choose what works best for you. We have three general marketing/advertising tiers to choose from.

Confident and Confidential

We trust ourselves–and you can always put your trust in us. Trust is the foundation of every relationship, business or otherwise, and we value it above all else. We never sell client information to anyone. We never publicly disclose who our clients are without their express permission. We don’t even add emails to our mailing list without asking you first. Why? Because it’s the professional thing to do. We value your privacy and are not consumed by our bottom line.

As you stroll through our website, you’ll see posts we’ve done and posts from guests, but never anything listed “clients”. We get it: sometimes you need the work done, but you don’t want to necessarily advertise the fact that you outsourced it. We can easily disguise a client post as a general weekly post done by the UW team. So, looking through our website, can you guess which ones were paying-client posts? We’ll never tell.

Being Featured as a Place of Interest (Free)

The main content on’s homepage–the main feed–contains articles about places we’ve been to. Typically, we make arrangements prior to visiting when we’re in the area, since we’re on the road a lot. We take photos, maybe a video interview, and produce a nice–but succinct–write up about your organization, whether it’s a business or public place. We take pride in our work and are happy to provide free content to our readers and promote the businesses and regions that we visit.

And since we get content in return for a proprietor’s cooperation and participation, we do not charge anything for this service at all. Nothing. But we’re a little picky about the places we choose to visit under this option, given our time and geographical constraints while on the road. If extended travel and coordination is needed to document your organization, you’ll likely benefit from our Tier 3 service, which makes room for a lot more customization under our Specialized Marketing Plans package. Read more about it below.

Advertising Through UndiscoveredWanderings 

If you’re not interested in an elaborate marketing campaign, or you’ve already done one with us and just want to promote something specific with some good old-fashioned advertising, we’ve got your back.

Our advertising options are plenty, from putting your message out on our social media channels and newsletters to a full page-style (or full article style, in our case) advertisement with pictures and videos on our website’s main feed. We’ll get you all set up.

We can customize your ad right down to the day. Literally. Starting as low as $5 a day. Or you can keep your presence with us for longer. We’re not big on the one-size-fits-all approach. In this crazy world, a little customization can go a long way. UW offers competitive advertising rates for companies, municipalities, chambers of commerce, tourism bureaus…you name it. We’re here for you! 

Specialized Travel Marketing Plans 

We will work with you to plan and develop specific Travel Marketing Plans. Remember when we said that we don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach? We want to actually talk and work with you! Thanks to modern technology, we can do that remotely or in person, so distance isn’t a problem. If you want something simple, awesome. If you want something complex with lots of videos and a serious twist, sweet. We’ve got your back and we’ll make sure our Point of View-style coverage of places we visit and clients we meet will be spot on for your needs.

Client satisfaction is our top priority. We love repeat business, after all. The Travel Marketing Plan package comes with a very detailed article on our main feed/home page to tell your story, plus a variety of options like additional marketing through our newsletter, E-Wanderin‘, and our social media outlets, of which we have plenty. For Tier 3, a base fee of $100 applies. 

If you’re interested in learning more about what we can do for you, and if you would like a free consultation, please reach out to us at


Corporate Partnerships & Sponsored Content

UndiscoveredWanderings is actively looking to partner up with travel and leisure-related companies, travel agencies, and outdoor gear companies

UndiscoveredWanderings is a brand of its own, built from the ground up and still growing. With growth comes cooperation with like-minded companies for fantastic product promotion ideas, travel writeups, and collaboration on any number of travel & leisure-related things. Imagine the places you can go with us! We don’t believe in a rigid plan going forward–we’re flexible and can work with you to meet your needs. And thanks to modern technology, we keep costs down by working from, well, anywhere. At UndiscoveredWanderings, a partnership is just that. Simple, tested and true.

How About Some Product Placement?

Want us to promote–and use–your stuff while we travel? We’re always looking for sponsors and opportunities for product placement. Maybe we can test or show off your product on our next adventure. Who knows where a corporate partnership can go! We’re open to serious offers, and would love to talk about what we can do for you. If interested, please reach out to us at or 585-737-5410.

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We’re a startup, but we’ve got teeth. To help fund our travels—and so we can bring our adventures to you—we’re more than a little proud to offer sponsorship opportunities to amazing companies and people out there just like you! Learn more about becoming a sponsor on our Become A Sponsor page.