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Stuck in an Airport for a While? Go Yotel.

Micro-Sized Living

You’ve got a long layover in a noisy airport with no place to sleep–and it’s already been a long trip. Do you dare try to sleep in the terminal?

Fortunately for us, while we waited patiently at London’s Gatwick Airport to return home last summer, Yotel offered an easy and affordable solution. So what is this curious-sounding hotel chain?

Yotel is capitalizing on the ever-growing popularity of micro spaces–think efficiency apartments and tiny houses. The genius behind Yotel is that it mostly operates out of airports, so it’s perfect for those who don’t really need a hotel so much as a safe and comfortable place to sleep and put their luggage during a longer-than-usual layover. 18 hours was too much for us to just wait around at an airport bar, so this place was perfect. It was extremely comfortable, including the alcove of a bed.

When we say it’s small, we mean it. In our case, the Yotel at Gatwick was built into the airport; rooms and corridors to those rooms were styled like a spaceship, which added to the aura of the place. With 24-hour check in and all the amenities of any hotel–including WiFi and your own bathroom–it was exactly what we needed for the 12 hours we stayed there. And that’s the beauty of it: you can book a Yotel room for hours if needed. You don’t have to pay for the whole day. Pretty cool for our modern age.

Yotel is growing around the world. Learn more!

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There be Romans Here

Old Frontiers Die Hard

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Once upon a time, there was an empire that stretched from northern Africa to the British Isles. It stopped close to what is now Scotland because, as Emperor Hadrian decided, the Scots–or Celtic tribes–were too “uncivilized” and barbaric to be conquered. Go Scotland? So he threw up a wall along the jagged landscape to ensure the continuity of his empire. Rome was never the same again.

Today, most of the wall has withered down to the stubs. But there are parts of the once mighty 70-mile barrier that still exist throughout the English countryside, so the good news is that you can find it without looking too hard. A good place to start would be England’s Newcastle upon Tyne area, where you can also find the ruins of a Roman fort (see map point above and links below).

Think your job is tough? Imagine being a sandals-wearing Roman soldier guarding the harsh terrain of Britannia, with howling gales and bone-chilling winter cold being daily reminders that you’re far from home. Happy times.

More about Hadrian’s Wall
Housesteads Roman Fort ruins

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Oldest “Inn” England

It’s Old

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To the pub enthusiasts, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is famous for being “England’s oldest inn”, dating back to the year 1189. It’s actually built into the hill behind it. Great place to see, and really good food (and beer). And, since it’s in Nottingham, you’ll find it’s close to a statue commemorating a famous local resident. *Hint*–he took from the rich and gave to the poor:

Robin Hood Statue

Official website

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A Town Called No Place

Bizarre Sense of Humor

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“What shall we call this town?”

“How about…No Place.”

“I like it.  People can get their picture taken there.”

No Place, England

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