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It’s a Guten German Christmas in Goslar

Another Year Over, Another Year Begins 

UndiscoveredWanderings would like to wish all of our readers a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. We’ll be back soon with only the best in unconventional travel.

For our final post of 2017, we wanted to share a wonderful Christmas experience we had in Germany a while back at the invitation of friends. Nothing like festive European Christmas markets and picturesque centuries-old houses to celebrate this time of year. 

The photos, taken on Christmas Day, are of our visit to Goslar, Germany some years ago, before we were UndiscoveredWanderings. Goslar is a small, historical city with lots to explore. Offbeat, to be sure.

We spent Christmas day observing, reflecting, and looking forward to the many adventures ahead as we strolled through town in the calming cold and crunchy snow, talking to perfect strangers along the way. We were even lucky enough to ride in a horse-drawn carriage and get some great views from the bell tower (notice the old stairs we climbed, below) Christmas in Goslar was one of our best ever.

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Cold War Memories from Berlin

For History Buffs, a Must See

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Today, Berlin is the thriving capital of a modern nation, but its recent history puts it at the front line of the Cold War, where East met West. Literally.

Relics of Europe’s communist era are scattered throughout the city, from remains of the Berlin Wall to Checkpoint Charlie, perhaps the world’s most famous crossing. These reminders are preserved to help us remember what the world was once like, and how close we came to ending it.

Anyway, on a lighter note, Berlin has great nightlife, friendly people, and great views of the city from its TV tower. If you’re lucky, you can find re-enactors at Checkpoint Charlie dressed up and walking around as Soviet and East German “officials”, selling you related merchandise, like a reproduction East German visa.

More about Checkpoint Charlie

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