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You Can See New Mexico From Here

A View from the Super Top at Sandia Peak

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Where else can you see 9% of an entire state from one spot? On a clear day, that would be New Mexico, viewed from Sandia Peak. We were lucky to visit on such a gorgeous day since we saw far beyond from all sides.

Located just east of Albuquerque, Sandia Peak provides one of the most amazing views in the United States. New Mexico is famous for its beautiful mesas and desert landscapes; here’s your chance to see them. The best way to the top is through the Sandia Peak Tramway, a nearly three-mile (roomy) cable car trip up the slope that provides magnificent views above and below along the way. The Tramway brings you to a viewing platform over 10,000 feet up. It can be a little chilly at that altitude–even on hot summer days–so bring a sweater.

Enough with words. This post is better conveyed through pictures. Notice the cool cloud formations. Enjoy!

More about Sandia Peak
Sandia Peak Tramway information

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Balloons! Balloons Everywhere!

See You in Albuquerque

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To be honest, UWanderings probably won’t make it there this year, but we went a couple years ago and had a blast. If you catch yourself in the ABQ in early October each year, you might wake up early enough to notice hot air balloons floating around the city. Morning is the best time for ballooning due to air temperature.

It’s a bizarre feeling watching a balloon hover over you while driving on Interstate 25 as you’re heading to the Fiesta’s fairgrounds, where you can get local eats and buy cool souvenirs at any one of the tented venues. A must see if you’re there; a must do if you’re a ballooning enthusiast.

This year’s Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is from October 7-15, 2017. See the link below for more details.

Official Balloon Fiesta Website

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The Mysterious Carpenter

There’s More to This Staircase Than You Think

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Why is UndiscoveredWanderings posting about a spiral staircase in a chapel in New Mexico? Because there’s a story behind it, of course. Actually, no one really knows who built it. Perhaps what’s more impressive is how it was built. Too bad we can’t tell you, because we don’t know. Actually, no one knows.

Legend tells of a mysterious carpenter that wandered into the chapel over 100 years ago, looking for work. He soon built this elegant staircase and then left. To this day, no one fully understands how the spiral masterpiece supports itself. It’s been functional for over a century, but there’s no support structure to be seen, believed to be held together by pegs, not nails.

Some things are better left a mystery. 

Staircase Santa Fe

More About Loretto Chapel’s Mysterious Staircase
More Information

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A Sign from the Past

Gem in the Desert

Many miles away from urban life, off of I-25 and about two hours from the Colorado state line, sits a town called Las Vegas. There’s no flashy lights or casinos here. This is New Mexico’s Las Vegas.

And in this town, on one of the main streets, you’ll find this relic from the past. A leftover from a time when art met functionality. You don’t see many of these anymore. Take in this piece of Americana for yourself the next time you’re driving through.

Fun fact: this sign can be seen at about minute 17 on the season three finale of House of Cards, as Doug enters the hardware store.


City of Las Vegas, New Mexico website

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