The Final Resting Place of Ernest Hemingway

An American Icon At Peace

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Ernest Hemingway was, by all means, a talented writer–even if he was misunderstood at times. His extraordinary accomplishments and contributions to American literature are undeniable. But Hemingway was also a soldier, traveler, adventurer, and more. Despite his nonconformist life, he did have a dark side; his wild adventures and habits–including drinking–caught up with him in 1961, when he sadly took his own life. 

By then, he had moved to the secluded town of Ketchum in Idaho’s Sun Valley. And it is here where he is buried. The cemetery is down the road from the town’s main strip. It’s not hard to find his grave–it’s the one with books, pens, booze and money left by visitors and admirers (personally, we never condone defacing a grave). A reflection of his talents and struggles. He rests next to his wife, Mary Welsh Hemingway, who passed away a number of years after her husband.

Our visit was solemn, silent, and reflective.

Rest in peace, Mr. Hemingway.

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