A Brewery, Dim Sum, Library, and Flower Shop All Rolled Into One

Open Spaces

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Our recent trip to Raleigh showed us just how much that city is growing—one of the fastest in the country, in fact. It’s not hard to see why: beautiful weather and cultured people, low cost of living, and a penchant for all things unique and creative. Also, awesome craft beer!

In search of some local cuisine and a good brew (but not necessarily in that order), we found Brewery Bhavana. The food: amazing! The people: awesome! The atmosphere: perfect! The beer: the best!

Breweries are popping up all over Raleigh as people continue to move there. But Bhavana’s creativity and harmonious all-in-one open space restaurant-shop concept made us instantly realize how unique this place really is.

Add to all that the other curiosities about Brewery Bhavana, and you’ve got a place we’ve never seen before and probably isn’t replicated anywhere else in the country. The skylight over the flower shop gave the open space concept at Bhavana a very nice touch. And during your stay, you can peep through their book selection.

Brewery Bhavana Website

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