All the Way Up

Imagine Scaling a Skyscraper

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When we visited Vancouver (our favorite Canadian city) a few summers ago, we wanted to do something extreme, so we went to Grouse Mountain. It’s not a completely vertical climb to the top, but the abnormally steep, two-mile trail is, in one word, challenging. There’s a reason the trail is called the Grouse Grind. Grouse Mountain itself is a popular ski destination in the winter, although we recommend the ski lifts for that.

Located across the harbor in North Vancouver, the Grind is not Everest, but it’s definitely not the bunny trail, either. It’s actually dangerous (see yellow sign image), so climb at your own risk and please be safe. By the time we got to the top, we were drenched in sweat. Good thing we rode the cable car sky tram back down.

Are you up to it?

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