Rock House, Part I

There Once Was a Man Who Lived in a Rock…

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When you’re driving on a remote highway and see “HOLE N’ THE ROCK” painted on a giant monolith, you’re likely to pull over and see what’s up. Aside from a prime example of effective advertising, you’ll soon learn that this offbeat attraction, just a 20 minute drive south of Moab, UT, was once someone’s home. For realzzz.

It took years for dear Mr. and Mrs. Christensen to carve out this 5,000 square foot dwelling. It’s remarkably well preserved from the time that its last full-time occupant, Mrs. Christensen, passed away in the mid-1970s, and it still retains its unique cross between the Flintstones and 1960s retro living. Today’s owners provide guided tours and a gift shop right on the premises, along with a general store and even an outdoor zoo (see Rock House, Part II for the zoo video).

Unfortunately, interior photography is strictly prohibited, so UW has none to show (there is a pic on the official website), but we were allowed to film everything else outside.

The Hole N’ the Rock

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