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Northern Italy, Part I: Trento

Plenty of History Here

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Who doesn’t love Italy? Sadly, the attention Northern Italy gets is lopsided compared to the more familiar spots like Venice, Rome, and Tuscany. My first and only time to my ancestral homeland placed me in a spot closer to Switzerland than Italy…at least culturally.

This part of Italia is not what you think. Its deep German roots are found everywhere from the architecture to the language and even the beer! There’s a lot to see in this vast country, but Trento sticks out.

Catholic readers will appreciate Trento’s place in the Church’s history as the meeting place for the Council of Trent in the 16th century. Care to see a 13th century castle with brilliant artwork? Castello del Buonconsiglio may be for you (see map point at top).

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Plenty of Castles in Ireland, but This One’s a Keeper

Castle on the Hill

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We all love visiting Ireland, especially Americans, since half of us come from there. Dublin’s great, and the Cliffs of Moher are getting more popular with international tourists, but castles seem forgotten sometimes.

Well, maybe not forgotten, just pushed to the bottom of the itinerary. But since they dot the Irish countryside, they’re too often taken for granted. So we decided to stop and see one that’s been around for a few centuries. Welcome to Rock of Cashel.

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