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A Town Called No Place

Bizarre Sense of Humor

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“What shall we call this town?”

“How about…No Place.”

“I like it.  People can get their picture taken there.”

No Place, England


Prehistoric Colorado

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Even people who’ve never been to a Sinclair station know about the lovable dinosaur that proudly adorns its logo. Who knew there was still an actual dino out there? So the next time you’re driving through Golden, Colorado, stop by and pay him a visit. He’s not camera shy (but he doesn’t like to be touched).

Sinclair Dinosaur

Sinclair website

A Sign from the Past

Gem in the Desert

Many miles away from urban life, off of I-25 and about two hours from the Colorado state line, sits a town called Las Vegas. There’s no flashy lights or casinos here. This is New Mexico’s Las Vegas.

And in this town, on one of the main streets, you’ll find this relic from the past. A leftover from a time when art met functionality. You don’t see many of these anymore. Take in this piece of Americana for yourself the next time you’re driving through.

Fun fact: this sign can be seen at about minute 17 on the season three finale of House of Cards, as Doug enters the hardware store.


City of Las Vegas, New Mexico website